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Photo of a young woman looking at artwork of Scott Gillis. Gallery photo.
Ink drawing on British scratchboard of Hindu God Ganesh standing before a mirror surrounded by different characters.
pastel drawing of two nervous men smoking cigaretts and wearing suits.
black and white ink on British scratchboard. A man and woman stand on a road at sunset.
pastel drawing of a dystopian fantasy building .
oil painting of woman with red hair posed in white clothing
charcoal drawing of a Black American male wearing a bow tie.
Photo of Artist Scott Gillis posing in front of his artwork.
Art for a graphic novel. Perdita Durango. Published by Avon Press.
art for graphic novel, Perdita Durango. Dance Hall.
Characters from an ink on scratchboard drawing used in a video.
scratchboard drawing of two muslim women in burkas for the book, In The Dust Room.
comic for a catalog for Lola Hats. Fedoras made from the excess cataloges.
Drawing of a character from Guy Ritchie Film. Asian man lowering sun glasses.
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